Five Irritating but funny phrases every Ghanaian uses


Being a Ghanaian, there is an 80% chance that some of the English phrases you speak are wrong .

Funny enough, we’re not to blame though. Some of  our English teachers in primary school taught us the same..

I’m going to be taking you through some funny but irritating phrases Ghanaians use.

1.  Home use….

The better thing to say is ‘second—rate’. In Ghana, we so home use everything: home use cars, home use clothing, home use toothbrushes koraa mpo, there is not much GES can do about this phrase

2.  One mother, one father….

Honestly, can anybody be born from one mother, two fathers? Come to think of it, this phrase exists because in Ghana, everybody is everybody’s abusua. ‘Kufuor koraa yɛ me wɔfa’. Those kinds of things….so you must really be conversant with your parents if you don’t want to lose them to some bloke.

3. I am going to branch at this house…

Take a bend. If you finish branching, just be sure to grow leaves on it as well. The weather is unpredictable nowadays

4. Petrol shell…
This is what we call an innocent filling station. Petrol shell! I can’t even help it. Petrol. Shell.

5.Flash me…

We only mean that you should leave a missed call on our phone as a prompt. God be praised that it is not “Flush me.”

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