#FixTheCountry Demonstration To Happen Virtually

Virtual #fixthecountry demonstration

#Fixthecountry demonstration was scheduled earlier to happen on the 8th May 2021 by the conveners.

The hashtag #fixthecountry was trending on social media for almost more than 14 days.

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The hashtag is wake up call people on social media wants the government to listen.

Now it looks like the trend has catch up with people and a demonstration will send a better message to the government.

Earlier newstdoygh.com reported about an injunction that was filed by the Ghana Police service against the demonstration.

This however is not stopping the organizers of the demonstration as they have found another way to go on.

#fixthecountry demo is to be held virtually, people who want to show solidarity and vent out their frustration can join.

How To Join The #fixthecountry Demonstration Virtually.

All participants in the virtual demonstration is to wear their black shirts with placards of their worries and cries.

Participants can also drum and bang things to show their displeasure on the current state of the country.

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People in their cars can also blow their car horns for a minute around 12 pm to join in.

What do You think about this virtual demonstration, can the purpose be achieved ?


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