Free S.H.S. feeding progamme threatened


Tuesday, March 23, 2021

The Senior High Schools food suppliers in Ghana call on the National Food Buffer Company (NAFCO), the Finance Minister, and the government to fufil their payment duties in order to avoid the termination of the free S.H.S feeding programme.

NAFCO serves as a mediator between the Ministry of Education and the food suppliers by receiving the items. It distributes them to the various Senior High Schools. Normally, payment is made within 60 days after schools have received their goods.

However, some food suppliers revealed anonymously, “We have not received any payment from Buffer Stock for almost 90 days and some of our members are really struggling.” They declare their intentions to withdraw their services if they do not receive their delayed salaries or wages. This may lead to the situation of food shortage in Senior High Schools

They further disclosed that some have taken loans to buy the necessary items for the Senior High Schools. They also do their best to meet the demands of NAFCO, by presenting essential documents bearing the signatures of the required individuals such us the headmaster or mistress, accountants and storekeepers among others. This, per agreement takes an additional 60 days after the distribution of goods to schools for the suppliers to get paid. Submitted documents without the required signatories are not granted payment.

The food suppliers express agony, unhappiness and discomfort. Because the delay in their payment is causing them a struggle to stay in business. Some of them are financially handicapped. Thus, threathens to stop supplying Senior High Schools foodstuff.

Renee Dear Yayra Asamoah

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