“Fruit juice” and a “Fruit drink”


Fruit Drink” and “Fruit Juice”

I know you’ll be wondering why this distinction too. Well..did you know there’s a difference between a fruit drink and fruit juice?

Were you abusing the names?

I trust you won’t after all discoveries in this article.

To start with, a fruit drink is made of water, sugar, color, fruit flavor, and some fruit juice while a fruit juice undiluted juices from fruits and fruit pulp.

Nutritionally, a fruit drink has very little minerals, vitamins, and fiber while fruit juice is rich in minerals and fiber.

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Fruit drink has more added sugar compared to fruit juice hence can cause a rise in the blood sugar level.

Healthwise, a fruit drink has low antioxidants and health component that promotes a person’s health while a fruit juice promotes the health of an individual.

So henceforth make choices and decisions based on what you seek to achieve.Stay healthy. Stay well now.

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