Ghana rank 3rd in Africa: as 4,763 health workers are infected with COVID-19 – WHO.


Ghana among the 10 most-affected: health workers infected with COVID-19.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) Africa, there are almost a total of 105,735 health workers infected with COVID-19 in 10 cost-effected countries in Africa.

South Africa, Algeria, Ghana and Kenya lead respectively as Cameroon, Namibia and Zambia join from the bottom.

The list is as follows;

Country Case Rank

South Africa. 54,984. 1st. Algeria. 11,936. 2nd. Ghana. 4,763. 3rd. Kenya. 3,609. 4th. Nigeria. 3,175. 5th. Mozambique. 2,988. 6th. Ethiopia. 2,617. 7th. Namibia. 1,961. 8th. Cameroon. 1,691. 9th. Zambia. 814. 10th.

Covid-19 health worker infections – 10 most-affected African countries.


Confirmed case in Ghana is 91,410 while 761 have dead. And as of yesterday 150 case were confirmed.

While the whole world effected is 136,230,732 and 2,934,520 confirmed dead.

Source: John Hopkins University (JHU).

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