Ghanains insult Players and their Mothers – Inaki Williams mom explained.


Mother of Spanish International player,has revealed why her son don’t want to play for Ghana Black National team.

Williams Inaki was born in Bilbao,Spain
to a Ghanaian who reached the country by crossing the desert and jumping the Melila border.

According to the mother, she will not advice her son to play for Ghana Black Star because Ghanains insult Players and their Mothers whenever the team fails at a tournament.

The mother of Inaki used Asamoah Gyan as a typical example of her claims. She said she can’t take the insult and abuse Ghanains give to their players when they fail to meet the expectations of a player.

In 2010, Ghanains did not spared Asamoah Gyan for missing a penalty goal in a semi final match between Ghana Black Stars and South American team Uruguay.

The  story about bad attitudes of some Ghanains towards their players is extremely boring and must be a can

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