Girl Goes Crazy As Her Boyfriend Proposes To Her In Public


Most girls would dream of having their proposal at the full glare of a gathered crowd with their men going down on one knee and asking the obvious question. Unfortunately for this lady in Benin things did not end well for her.

A viral video circulating on social media shows how a young lady went absolutely nuts after her boyfriend proposed to her.

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Witnesses around the place where this happened in Benin at a film house described the incident as somewhat like a movie. According to an eyewitness, the young lady screamed, run and laughed out loud getting the attention of the security personnel who had to sack her and her man out of the movie house.

” The guy knelt down and proposed and everybody was clapping and happy for them and the next thing we saw was that Aunty runs mad and started screaming and running around. The security at the film house had to chase them away”. The eye witness explained.

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