Good News As Ghana Readies To Start Local Fertilizer Production

Good News As Ghana Readies To Start Local Fertilizer Production

Fertilizer Production in Ghana has been expected by many Ghanaian, but sources reveal there is some good news.

The Government of Ghana is getting ready to start local fertilizer production.

This is according to the Head of Results Delivery at the Office of the President, Nana Serwaa Amoako.

Mrs. Serwaa Amoako claims, discussions are ongoing to establish the plant to support the National Fertiliser Subsidy Programme as well as reduce the shortage of fertilizers on the market.

She stated while Speaking at the launch of Visualising Insights On Fertiliser For African Agriculture Ghanaian Dashboard that the looming fertilizer shortage is a global issue which the government will address now and in the future.

“There are both short-term and long-term plans that the government is putting in place to address fertilizer shortage. Short-term plans would be how we can still collaborate with international stakeholders to make fertilizers available. The Minister for Agriculture and his team are working on that.”

“For the long-term plans, that’s where the Ghana Fertiliser Expansion Programme comes in. A team was set up in 2018 and has been working tirelessly to develop feasibility studies to develop a fertilizer manufacturing plant using our local natural gas. This plant will also be part of the newly created petroleum hub,” she said

Seth Osei-Akoto the minister for Agriculture on the other hand says the ministry is setting up structures and teams to begin educating farmers on the use of organic fertilizers.

Mr. Osei-Akoto believes this will help curb the over-dependence of synthetic fertilizer when there is a shortage.

“Alternatively, we also have organic fertilizers. We have different forms of organic fertilizers and some of these organic fertilizers are manufactured locally.”

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“We also recognize that there is a challenge with the use of organic fertilizers.

That is why as a ministry, we need to come out with a program as an alternative in case inorganic fertilizers become challenging that suppliers cannot afford to distribute the quantity needed, we’ll fall on organic fertilizers,” he said.

The Visualising Insights on Fertiliser for African Agriculture Dashboard is a website designed to address the use of fertilizer data in Ghana, Nigeria, and Kenya.

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