Haruna Iddrisu Speaks About Citi Tv Caleb Kudah’s Case


Today Is a holiday to celebrate Eid al Fitr for the muslims after their fast. Haruna Iddrisu has taken the opportuinity to share his thoughts on the treatment of Caleb Kudah.

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Caleb Kudah is currently trending because he share a video of himself commenting on the presence of police at the Independence Square.

Apparently to stop the demonstrators of the #fixthecountry.

He was chased in the premises of Citi Tv with armed men and was picked up by National Security Operatives together with a colleague.

The minority leader sharing his view on the matter described it as embarrassing.

He lamented why a journalist who is filming for the purposes of evidence to back his claim will be treated the way Caleb was.

He described the Akufo-add government as one that is turning Ghana into a police state.

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What is your thoughts on the matter ? Share with us and your friends too.

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