Healing Facts About Crabs You Didn’t Know


Crabs are renowned for their cranky demeanor, high nutritional quality since they are commonly enjoyed delicacy in parts of the world of which Ghana is not exempted. It is good for the human body and falls under the classification of shell foods such as Shrimps, Sea snails, oysters, Crayfish, Lobster.

In Ghana, amid varieties of crabs, the most widely consume species are the Ocypode Africana popularly known as the African ghost crab. Opcode Africana contains several healthy nutrients like Protein, Selenium, Omega 3 fatty acids, Riboflavin, Copper and Phosphorous of which all these nutritional contents perform major roles to boost immunity in the body of mankind.

According to research by some nutritionists in Ghana, they argued that protein in the African Ghost Crab serves as a dietary source in place of meat since it reduces the risk of heart diseases and other chronic diseases the human body may be prone to.

Further, selenium plays a role as an antioxidant defence. it lowers the rate of cancer  by preventing damages of cells and tissues whereas Omega 3 fatty acid on the other hand is low in fat and aids in brain development.  Moreover, Riboflavin known as vitamin B2 aids in the production of steroids, red blood cells, promote normal growth, maintain the skin, eyes and nervous system.

Where Copper and phosphorus helps in the formation of red blood cells, keep bones, blood vessels, teeth, skeletal development, and immune system healthy.     

There are about 4,400 species of crabs according to research where these species of crab can be found in fresh water while others on land . Examples are the Big fisted swim crab, lagoon land crab, Horseshoe crab, Hermit crab, Blue crayfish, Maine, Blue swimmer, snow crab and coconut crab.  

Due to the taste, texture and nutritional benefits of the African Ghost Crab, it makes a versatile delicacy which is used in a wide variety of dishes like garnishing salads, Okra stew, Palm soup, Prapransa and either consume wholly or in parts depending on the size.

Crabs in its nature are decapods animal, with two eyes and hard shell. They are succulent goody that is extremely popular universally and very digestible for all people of ages.

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