Heavy rain makes students got stuck in school.


Many students got stuck on campus due to a heavy rain downpour and it makes students unable to get home on time.

Many students got stuck as the drizzle paved the way for heavy rain and the pupils of Momo Montessori Academy School were not left behind.

Hohoe: It’s was half past three and the weather changes its look with the formation of a cumulonimbus cloud where it begins to drizzle, showing a sign of rain with a thunderstorm strikes makes and causes fear and panic in the student.


Just at that moment, the school bell was ranged for closing but the headteacher of Momo Montessori Academy Mr.Kuwor Joseph said “no student should go home in a loud voice in Anglo tone” as he landed in the last word the rain began to pour like the Wli waterfalls.

Not quite long, the rain seemed to stop and the students were allowed to start backpacking their books and were free to go to their various homes, the roads were very muddy, which was also another issue the students must face before going home.

As I got closer to a student and asked how is she going to get home she said: “I will wait for my taxi driver to pick me up but the headteacher should or could allow us to go home as it begins to drizzle by now I will be relaxing on my bed but here I am and still drizzling and the roads too are muddy”. What is your say about this?





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