How To Maintain Your Professional Appearance In The Virtual Workplace


For employees who usually work in a traditional corporate office, working from home via the virtual space is a totally new experience. There are a few things to be mindful of when your work demands that you have video conferencing meetings on Zoom or Skype.

Though working from home has its own perks this no longer includes the legendary “working
in your pajamas.” Now that many professionals are turning to Zoom and similar platforms to have business meetings you can’t afford to dress anyhow even when you work from home.

You need to maintain the same professional appearance when you step out to go to work.
The only difference here is that you’re not meeting the client physically.

You still have to present a professional image in a Zoom meeting or when you’re on a WhatsApp video call. Where you’re meeting an investor or a client for the first time you need to look capable. Your professional appearance should give them the confidence that they can do business with you even before you start talking.

Deciding on what to wear

Will you be teaching, consulting, making a business presentation or demonstrating the use of your products? The task at hand and your audience will determine how you dress. You can’t afford to get complacent with the way you dress for work because you’re working outside your office.

Professional wear

Dressing for professionals working from home for both genders will either be formal business wear or business casual wear.

For meetings with colleagues or people already known to you, you can be less formal and go with business casual wear and still look professional.

You’re meeting with a big client or an investor, dress the way you would when meeting them in the physical space. Never be tempted to go casual because you’re meeting them in the virtual space. You need to win their trust.

Creative professionals are the exception. In large organizations, creatives don’t deal directly with clients or investors. The client service people bring in the jobs. So creatives don’t have to meet any client or investor.
they can get away with casual dressing when working from home.

Develop a signature look to make it easier to dress.

If you don’t have a signature look it’s about time you developed one. Most examples of a signature look can be found in the technology industry. It makes it easier to dress every morning.

Don’t leave out the accessories.

Lastly, a wristwatch and minimal jewelry are perfect to complete your look.

Style your work wardrobe.

When you appear on television there will be a stylist to assist you with your appearance. But in a video conference, many of us will have to choose and style our clothes ourselves.

You have to wear a color that contrasts with the background you’ll be sitting against. Good background for your virtual meeting essential.

Colors set against a white background will appear brighter, while colors set against a dark background will be less intense.

When you dress you aren’t only dressing for your image but you’re also dressing for the cameras.

Cameras make us look bigger than we really are and for this reason, your clothes should fit you well. Well, fitted clothes will make you comfortable. No tight clothes. No baggy or boxy outfits. Your clothes should be well ironed.

Get your wardrobe organized and shop for new clothes.

No better time to organize your closet than now. Working from home allows for some free time to get your wardrobe organized. This will help you know whether you need additional clothing.

Organize your surroundings

Lastly, plan where you sit to have your meetings especially if you don’t have adequate space in your house for a home office. Always make sure your surroundings are organized. Cameras have a funny way of exposing things when you least expect them.

When all the virtual meetings are over, you are free to change into more relaxed clothing and continue with your work.

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