How to Nurse Broken Heart.


Heartbreaks are normal and bound to happen therefore don’t kill yourself when it happens; you are probably thinking you can’t ever get over it.

You are not the first person to go through it and you wouldn’t be the last. It’s part of life experiences.

Here are tips to help you nurse your broken heart when it happens.

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Encourage yourself: know that it’s normal to be broken hearted. Therefore the first step is to tell yourself you can go through it and that it won’t last forever.

Cry as much as you can if it makes you feel better: don’t act like you are ok when you are not.

Crying is an essential part of the healing process it helps you move on in a healthy way.

Most often, you feel better after crying.Talk to someone you trust: Thinking about the pain all alone makes things worse and might stress you more.

Pour out your heart to someone who cares.Give yourself time to heal:

Do not be fast to conclude you can’t love again. And don’t make the mistake of rushing into a new relationship.

Be easy on yourself and give yourself time to heal. Always remember what caused your earlier heartbreak and learn from it

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