How to survive harmattan in Ghana



the harmattan is the north-easterly Sahara trade winds which rush in desert-like sandstorms, leaving skin dry, lips cracked, and everything covered in dust. However, it also results in low mosquito breeding rates and your laundry drying faster! The following are tips on how to survive the harmattan in Ghana.

1. Dress for harmattan

During cold harmattan phases, multiple layers become requisite as opposed to an option. However it gets warm really quickly sometimes, and your overcoat will become unnecessary.

2.  Cover your face

The dryness that harmattan brings also encourages dried-out and irritated nasal passages so it is essential to carry a nose spray. The harsh harmattan is not the best season for asthmatics either, therefore, it’s recommended to keep your face covered, use air purifiers and inhalers when needed, and stay away from dusty places i.e. anywhere outside during a sandstrom.

3.  Hand, hair and body care

Your hands, face, hair and body need just as much nourishing care as your lips do when harmattan strikes in Ghana. The sunny yet slightly chilling afternoons with chalky atmospheres cause thin films of dry dust to settle on your skin

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