I Gave Mona Gucci 700GHC When She Needed Food-Aisha Modi Reveals

 I Gave Mona Gucci 700GHC When She Needed Food-Aisha Modi Reveals

Aisha Modi seems to be the one feeding the most vulnerable celebrities in Ghana and it’s only fair if she gets an award to her name for that category if it exists.

The popular celebrity who does not fail to mention the amount of money she invests in people’s lives has done it again.

Queen of audios and receipts. The great I’m-giving-you-48-hours-to-apologize. Aren’t we all tired of Aisha giving us her celebrity invoice?

The freshest in the books of Aisha Modi’s Charity is Mona Gucci and her entire family problems. Are you Surprised at all?

Looks like Ghana will never see an end to celebrities revealing and disgracing each other on social media anytime soon.

Aisha is back with more revelations. She descended heavily on Mona and washed her dirty lining in public. Not to say she had anything neat about her in public anyway.

Modi has revealed that she settles the medical bills of Mona Gucci’s kids and she has evidence to back her claims. She called Mona a fake lawyer and a thief.

You could tell amongst all the people she has had beef with, Mona is the very least she respects. She sounded disgusted talking about her.

She did not fail to update us on her two plots of land at East Legon a prime location in Ghana’s Capital Accra which she sold for 9 biiillioon Cedis.

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Aisha was shocked that a decorated lawyer like Mona Gucci is this broke.

She added that they have only met twice in her entire life and the last been at the Abass Sariki’s Peace Walk where she handed some food to her after she was almost dying of hunger.

After insulting her, Aisha said she doesn’t really want to insult her for the sake of her kids…and of course, carried on insulting her in the same breath. Watch her unleash her warmup on Mona. New beef alert? They both better come hard because If it’s not jaw-dropping they can keep their clout-chasing selves away!

Watch her reveal her body count and other allegations here:

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