Ibrah One promises to feed 50 people in Tamale should in case Ghana goes on a second lockdown.


Not long ago, Ibrah stated that there would be a second lockdown in Ghana very soon. He added that this time around it is going to be serious and people are going to starve because the election conflict will worsen it. He further said that his prayer is that God should help the poor.

Ibrah one also mentioned that Nana Addo’s government is full of fraud. He said God is about to expose them and the calamities that is about to fall upon Nana Addo do not look good.

After these utterances, Ibrah is currently saying that he is going to feed 50 people in Tamale if a second lockdown pops up. He said that if a second lockdown is enforced, it wouldn’t be like the first one we witnessed.
Ibrah one also urged Ghanaians to prepare ahead of the second lockdown especially those without any savings.

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