I’m inspired by my grandfather’s sense of fashion — Elisha Boie


Elisha Boie, a young Ghanaian fashion designer has shared his perception ad to why he is inspired by his grandfather’s sense of fashion.

He divulged that growing up as a young man, he realized his grandfather was very creative and fashionable in dealing with clothes.

Speaking with Foster Romanus one TV Ghana, he disclosed that he wanted to change the idea of old people being too boring and unfashionable.

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He added that the idea of his grandfather as his inspiration began two years ago and he decided to look out for the oldest model in the world. He realized his grandfather was because the oldest was in his 80’s and his grandfather was in his 90’s.

Speaking further, he said ” there was a time my grandfather wore pyjamas to church and said it was too beautiful to sleep in it. We have filed for him to be in the Guinness book of records as the oldest model”


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