Inspiring: Story Of The MP Who Was A Truck Pusher


The poverty to newfound wealth story of Member of Parliament(MP)- elect Mr. Francis Xavier Sosu is absolutely rousing.

Removing the officeholder Member of Parliament (MP) for the Madina Constituency, Mr. Abu-Bakar Saddique Boniface, to the parliamentary seat, Mr. Xavier Sosu speaking to the NDC arose the individuals’ top choice in the area.

After collation, Mr. Sosu earned 62,127 votes to beat the previous Minister of Inner City and Zongo Development who managed 46,985 votes.

in a video of him tending to devotees in an assembly room, Mr. Sosu described his journey up until this point.

He talked about how much his battles had set him up for the extraordinary future in front of him.

Francis-Xavier Sosu (Esq) referenced that he was destitute at a point and would vagrant at the Malata Market in Accra.

From doing each insignificant exchange conceivable to resting stands and asking in the city of Accra for cash, the administrator propelled the attendees never to lose confidence in God and to continue persisting.


The tale of how a truck pusher and road seller turned into a Human Rights legal advisor and a legislator is one for all the tricksters out there to realize that it is conceivable to make it from nothing.

Francis-Xavier Sosu (Esq) away from governmental issues is a Human Rights and Public Interest Litigation Lawyer and the originator of Treasure of Life Foundation, Ghana and USA to contact the poor, dejected, and theĀ vulnerable in our general public.

In the interim, the NDC is as yet determined that the outcomes from the 2020 elections as pronounced by the EC were false.

It has been purported that the party leaders including its presidential candidate, John Dramani Mahama, are currently going through pink sheets and might go through the legally allowed procedure to fight for their claim.



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