Just In: Beautiful Pictures Of Hajia4Real’s Sister Who Is A Doctor


Famous internet Sensation, Hajia4real, has displayed her bragging skills as she shows off her charming little sister, Mariam Ajike Sumaila who is a doctor.

The actress, musician, and businesswoman born Mona Montage took to social media to report her sister’s graduation from medical school.

The picture, which many can’t keep quiet over, saw Queen Mona brag about her family’s ‘perfection’.

To her, the family is not just blessed with beauty but brains as well.

From her post, it was clear she could not hide her joy over the successful graduation and expressed being proud is an understatement.

She posted charming photos that saw the sister pose with her stethoscope as she rocks her lab attire.

Hajia4Real’s sister Mariam Ajike Sumaila

“My baby sister is a doctor🎉😩😍🥰 Proud is an understatement☺️☺️
Just like her mortarboard says; Cute enough to stop your heart, skilled enough to restart it. We don’t just do beauty in the family, it’s accompanied with brainssss 💁🏽‍♀️,” she wrote.

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