Just In: Slay Queen Goes Mad After Smoking Hard Drugs With Tramadol


A slay queen is currently roaming in the streets with the rest of the Mad people after smocking hard drugs mixed with tramadol.

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It is unclear what the youth wants these days, the latest smartphone, more sugar daddies and mommies, more money, more girlfriends and boyfriends(fuck mates) the list is endless.

With so much noise been made about the effects of hard drugs, some just don’t listen. Well, let us find out what happened to this slay queen and learn from it.

A viral video on social media that we at newstodaygh.com came across shows how the slay lost her cool and went off to the land of the free.

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Funny enough, is the slay queen that was even abusing these hard drugs more than the guys, and she finally went totally naked revealing total poverty.

She had her water-melons and body rigorously worked on after the highly abusing the drugs.

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