Letters to Roses 1

Dear Roses,

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”, so says the legendary bard, Shakespeare.

It is my fervent wish that our newly found friendship be studded with the sweetness of roses.

You my dear reader are my Roses from this day.

You are warmly welcome to my world; my world of fantasy, of fiction, farce and of reality.

It is also my wish that our alliance runs as smooth as silk and that every letter I write to you be filled with joy and brilliance.

Yours ever,

Bra Rex.

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  • Very nice piece.

    • Sure

  • Wow, I will read this letter to my mum because her name Rose 🌹

    • Then Eno Rose should be ready

  • Can’t wait just hoping the letter will be romantic just like 🌹

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