Letters to Roses 2


Dear Roses,

Once again, welcome to my world of fantasy, fiction and of facts. I am the greatest pal you will ever get this year. By the way, I just broke all ties with every other and now I am yours only. Isn’t that great?

For a relationship like ours to thrive in this austere environment, a list of things that come as an abomination merits the mention. Therefore, I have no other option than to saddle you with what I have tagged as “My Table of Discontents”.

One cannot but be sober in a world where inebriates abound. What I am trying to say is that I think the world is getting so inebriated in its immorality that what once came as a shock to many is now brushed off as no news. To wit, the world has lost its moral standards. Therefore, the first on the list of “My Table of Discontents” is the World!

Chelsea’s injury boost ahead of Premier League clash with Fulham.

The other things I abhor will be revealed as we get more acquainted with each other. I have to at this juncture, make you aware of the fact that I am a leisure poet and a writer. I wish I had a poem here to show but it’s unfortunate that I haven’t written any this past week. Do not be perturbed my dear, you’ll receive so much of them that you’ll wish you never knew me at all. Don’t worry if my poems suck because, sometimes I believe I write trash and then fob them on people as poetry.

I am silly as silly comes, you might be saying. Well, silly I am but a good one at that. It’s been nice talking to you I must say my friend. I know I have bored you no end. I apologize and deeply regret.

Till we meet another day, my dear.

Yours ever

Bra Rex

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