Letters to Roses 3


Dear Roses,

The brightness of the day has given me this opportunity to write to you this letter. How are you? I hope you are finer than the sands of the sea….

I sound like a Junior High School student, huh? Sometimes I reminisce about those happy days and I can’t help but just smile. No wonder any soul refers to his or her past as the good old days.

I know you expect me to lay down before you my reason for writing you this letter, but wait a jiffy, can’t a man pussyfoot a little? Aargh! You shouldn’t expect me to just come bringing you what I intended to bring on a silver platter and lay it before you raw and ready just like that, should you? Just let me waste a little of your time. I am fully aware of that by this time you are fuming with rage at why I choose to dilly-dally and not go straight to the point. Who says I give a dime?

Ok! Ok! I will lay before Yours Sincerely the very thunder that struck me to write you today. Well, I want to lay before your ready eyes the second item on my “Table of Discontent”. Do you know what it is? Let me give you a gist; have you ever had to kowtow to someone you are sure is the silliest nincompoop in the world just because that one happens to be wealthier than you are? Have you had to greet someone even though you know full well that but for the money that one had, he would have been the biggest oaf this earth has ever produced? Have you? I ask, have you? I am sure you have a clue by now as to what the second on my list is; POVERTY!

Do you know that here in Africa, the amount of money one has determined whether one was wise or not? No matter how wise one was, if his wisdom did not produce wealth, then in Africa he was as silly as sill/y comes. As a result of this, I cannot but agree with Wise king Solomon that “Foolishness has been put in many high positions”. The position will rather be given to a rich fool than a wise poor man. After all, we reason, if one were wise enough, wouldn’t that one put his wisdom to use and rid himself of his decrepit state? I hate Poverty!

Well, till we meet the next time, it has been your pal.


Bra Rex.

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