Letters to Roses 4


Dear Roses,

Have you ever imagined yourself in anywhere you really want to be but cannot afford to be? Well, sometimes our big brains should try it’s darnest to describe in words what our naked eyes can never have bestowed upon it the rare opportunity of seeing.

I believe-and rightly so- that our minds should venture where our feet do not go. We can even hear without our ears all through this same mind. I hope you have caught sight of what I am trying to make you see.

You see, great people imagine and then act upon their imagination. Even though it may seem absurd, imagination is the only thing that can make one decrepit nincompoop believe that he can also hold a candle to some rich man. It is also the bridge that links reality to fantasy and it is also the same bridge that links sanity to stark lunacy, as if that needs to be said.

Have you ever wondered why many lunatics are seen smiling while soliloquying? Well I guess they are at the peak of their imagination. I’m not hereby implying that dwelling too much on imaginative fantasy may in one way or the other hasten your acquiring fantastic skills akin to madmen or women, like piling junks upon junks of rubbish upon yourself and forcing yourself to carry them as if you were being paid for. No, not that at all.

Letters to Roses 2

Imagination rather makes they the lunatics consider us sane people as absolutely off our rocker. We see them as crazy, they see us as crazier than two fools. So now I ask; who is crazy? It’s all in your imagination my friend, it’s all in your imagination.

Well, side by side with the lunatics let us continue making our imaginations run wild. After all, we are all humans, aren’t we?

Yours ever

Bra Rex





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