Letters to Roses 6


Dear Roses,

Shall we continue? Where did I get to the last time? My poor brains. Just give me a jiffy so I may prod this brain of mine…

Yeah, I was saying that some people have been given the absolute right to talk nonsense about others and yet when the others reply, society says it’s mean. I gave you the example of short people. I think an example or perhaps, two more will merit your consideration and thus, drive home my point.

Consider that fat girls can also talk nonsense about thin girls. They can describe them as thin as pins and proceed to say that they hoped someday they may break into many tiny wisps of flesh that even ants in their never ending quest for aliments may not notice them. But when a thin girl cast a little insinuation at a fat girl, perhaps telling her that she was obese, it is mean.

You see, it is because most people bear unfavorable notions about those people. What at all makes African women fat?

In Africa, most people, I mean men, would swear heaven and all that is in it that they preferred thin girls. But most people who say that have very big women for their mothers. It is a wonder. Our fathers can also attest to the fact that when they first met the women who are now their wives, they were the envy of super models. They were, as one puts it, thin to their taste.

What made them big is what I will hereby refer to as the “African Paradox”. Won’t you applaud me for my ability to spew nonsense? Don’t mind me! Anyway, let me continue. Is it the marriage that made them big or that is how they were built?

If one claims that it was the marriage that got them so weighty, I know women who are married for decades and more but are still as petite as their husbands found them. If one also claims that they were built that way, wouldn’t one be overlooking the fact that many women in Ghana are still as thin as they were the day they were born… sorry, the day they got married?

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Then I think the children that came as a result of wedlock should be held culpable. Many women after giving birth begin to experience an overwhelming increase in weight and stature. But wait a minute! I also know a woman who has to her credit six grown children and yet has not experienced any change in body size, no change in height, no increase in tummy size… I mean none whatsoever!

So what then? I guess, we might as well put our arms up in despair and hopelessness since this paradox is becoming more enigmatic than the riddle of the sphinx. I give up and so must you! After all, why should I bother myself trying to find answers to someone else’s problem? I’m not a woman am I? And so, let me leave this to my womenfolk. Period.

You know what? I’ll catch you later.

Yours ever

Bra Rex

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