Lord Hammah Threatens To Expose Sisters Scandal Online


Family Quarrel; The brawl between Lord Hamah and sister Victoria Hamah has raised awareness across the board.

Just recently the two were involved in a serious insults on social media.

Lord Hamah lost his cool after his sister Victoria Hamah, Deputy Communications Minister under the Mahama’s NDC government made a joke of him of being able to only accumulate 3 votes in the last elections he participated.

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The Brawl Between Victoriah Hammah And Lord Hammeh Isn’t Stopping OOO

His sisters comments comments made on facebook apparently did not go well with him, therefore, he is coming at her with full force. He used some unrepeatable words on her displaying his anger.

Hoowever, when we thought that squabble has been sorted, another has started this time it promises to be more revealing than the former. In Lord’s latest post on social media, he has promised to expose his sister’s hidden secrets in 3 days.

With knowledge of the family interfering in his quest to reveal his blood sister’s secret, Lord Hamah  a former propaganda secretary under the ex-John Mahama administration has asked the family not to get involved cos they can’t stop him.

His post reads; “Vicky Hamah, I will publish all your scandals in three days. Don’t ask the family to call me,”


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Hamah family
Hamah family

The Level of secrets of Vicky Hamah her blood brother Lord Hamah wishes to expose remains unknown. But we will keep our fervant readers updated on the latest amid this family squabble.

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