Love conquers all: story of a genetic disorder lady and her husband



Although love looks like a test anybody can pass without special skills, very few people would have bet on Carmen’s chances to find love in the arms of a man.


Indeed Carmen is a 29 year-old-Brazilian girl who suffers from a genetic disorder called xeroderma pigmentosum. Those who have this condition must not be exposed to sun or UV lights. Such exposures for a few minutes cause them severe sunburn and freckles. In addition to these restrictions, Carmen lost one lip, her left ear, she partly lost her nose due to a cancer of nose. Doctors tried to rebuild it through surgery, but it was unsuccessful.

All in all, Carmen has undergone about 120 repair surgeries. She also has a blind eye. She never went to school, only learning at home. Getting a job is another thing for her. But this tough life didn’t stop Edmilson to love and share Carmen’s life.

People came accross their story when she launched a fundraising for help to hold her wedding party with her fiancé. She also needed to renovate her house. People reacted with money and support and their wedding party took place on july 31, 2020. She could also have a decent house. Since then, Carmen share her daily life with her husband on Instagram with about 247k followers.


Being bound to someone’s soul, beyond physical appearance is the best love and the best proof of love.



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