Mallam Atta market in flames.



Another fire incident has got traders counting their losses after their shops got gutted by a raging inferno.

The Mallam Atta market, located at Accra New Town, on the afternoon of Wednesday, February 17, 2021, got gutted by fire and left many screaming due to the loss of their valuables.

The traders at the market told the news team of newstodaygh that they suspect the fire to have been caused by a leaking gas cylinder, or an illegal electricity connection.

Good worth thousands of cedis got damaged by the inferno as the fire service department took some time before getting to the scene. However the traders were full of praises for both the youth in the area and the fire service for a good work done in putting out the flames, they said, things could have gotten worse if not for their good work .

Personnel of the fire service on the scene refused  to speak to journalists but directed all journalists to forward their questions to the Public Relations Officer of the Ghana Fire Service at its headquarters.

This Mallam Atta market fire incident follows a series of fire outbreaks hitting various markets across the country which has got many asking questions.


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