Masked Man Chases Blakk Rasta At Zylofon FM


Famous media person, Blakk Rasta, has been under attack by a lot of people in Ghana as has been the case with his colleagues.

This time around, an unknown man hiding behind a mask gyrated into the zylophon Fm Area where Blakk Rasta works and threatened to kill him.

He said alertness has been raised and the security of zylophon FM has beefed up with an armed police officer placed there.

Zylophon FM is now shut down for this reason as is reported by Blakk Rasta.

The reason why the masked man would go such a distance to threaten Blakk Rasta is still a mystery to us. However, is following up closely on this and will inform our cherished reader’s when new information comes up.


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