Meet The Hairiest Little Girl In Ghana


Did you know that there is a hormone in your body responsible for hair production?. If those hormones produce in excess you have more hair, if they are deficient, you lose hair too.

Androgens are responsible for the body’s hair production.

Doctors call them male hormones, but they are present in both males and females alike.

Princess Shyngle Tired With Men, Now Wants To Date Women

It is not considered normal to see a lady with too much hair, some even get teased for developing excess hair and hair growth in odd places like the chest or beard.

In the case of men, however, it is completely okay to have much hair, it is even admired by more in some cases.

Ladies who develop much hair and their faces and legs have more androgen produces.

Women produce less androgen than men, but on rare occasion, some women actually do produce more equal androgen for hair production.

Princess Akua Agyapong is a young girl whose picture was posted on social media and its now very popular for having more hair than usual.

Princess who could be in contention for the hairiest girl in Africa comes from Ghana.

Face, armpit, shoulder, eyebrow, legs, and she is admired by a lot of people

She was discovered by internet users after she posted her lovely pictures on Instagram.

Princess Akua now has huge cosmetic deals because of her hair and now makes a lot of money from her natural self.

What do you think, Do you know anyone who can beat Princess Akua. We will like to hear from you

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