Michael Strahan Has Tested Positive for COVID-19.


Michael Strahan, pro football Hall of Famer and “Good Morning America” host, has tested positive for the COVID-19 virus.

Sources connected to the ‘Good Morning America’ host and NFL Hall of Famer has revealed that he is currently quarantining … which is why he’s been absent from ‘GMA’ all week.

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Football fans also noticed he only appeared remotely for his other gig on FOX NFL Sunday during the NFC Championship — that’s because Michael was already taking precautions.

When he found out on he’d been exposed at some point, he immediately started quarantining.He is planning to appear on ‘GMA’ Thursday, remotely, to discuss his diagnosis. He’s not currently experiencing any severe symptoms.

There’s also this … we’ve learned Strahan’s daughters came into contact with him AFTER he’d been exposed — so, they’re getting tested. So, is their mother, Jean, with whom they live most of the time. We’re told they haven’t gotten their results yet.

It’s unclear how much he’ll be working for now. We’ve seen other anchors work from home while quarantining — CNN’s Chris Cuomo comes to mind.

‘GMA’ has been through this already, you’ll recall Michael’s co-host George Stephanopoulos caught the virus last year.




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