Missing Nurse Found Dead Without Fingers And Tongue

Anabelle Duah Nurse Found Dead Without Fingers And Tongue

A 25-year-old graduate of the Kwadaso Midwifery and Nursing College, Anabelle Duah who went missing On 1st April 2021 has been found without her body parts.

The nurse went to the market to take care of her mum’s meat shop according to reports before going missing.

Anabelle Duah her name, according to reports jumped into a strangers car after closing early that day.

The next day the nurse did not show up at home.

This raised concerns as the parents went to the shop to ask around only for them to be told that their daughter a day before closed the shop early and hopped in a stranger’s car.

Alert by the information given, Anabelle’s parents took the case to the Kwadaso Police Station.

A few days went by without any information about the whereabouts of their 25-year-old daughter.

Now the 25-year-old Anabelle Duah has been found but without her fingers and tongue at the Kwadaso Presby School.

All her fingers were freshly cut when she was found with marks all over her body.

According to information gathered, her remains have been deposited at the hospital waiting for an autopsy to aid in investigations.

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