Mushrooms are a fleshy, fruiting body of fungus which contains about 95% water along with other natural chemicals of which some are extracted and use as dye wool and natural fibers.

How do you like your mushroom? Cooked together with soup or stew. Varieties of mushrooms we have include medicinal and edible mushrooms. Examples of edible mushrooms are oyster mushrooms which are rich in antioxidants, fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals. The Health benefit of mushroom are:

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• Mushroom is a very good immune booster as it contains beta-glucans which enhances the body’s immune system, therefore boosting one’s system.
• Mushrooms also help prevent inflammation.
• Mushrooms are rich in selenium which reduced the risk of cancer.
• Mushrooms help improve digestion because they are rich in fiber which nourishes bacteria in the intestine.
• In terms of weight loss, mushrooms got you covered too due to their low-calorie content.
• Mushrooms reduces cholesterol in overweight adults.

So when mushrooms are in season, do well to consume and enjoy all the health benefits it brings.
Stay Safe, Mask up.

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