My art works are influence by the Ashanti culture; Oscar of Takoradi Technical University.


Takoradi Technical University commercial arts student, Oscar Korbla Mawuli Awuku, express how hard work and culture is influencing his art work.

In an interview with Abdulai King Ahmed on “WhatsApp with the King”, he explain how local culture practice including the Ewe and Asante Kente waving change how he think about art.

This what he said;

Body art by Oscar korbla Mawuli

Art has always been a talent for as long as I could remember growing up. So basically I knew that was the path I was going to journey in the future.

My experimentation with my body of art has been largely informed by the historical and design decisions that have characterized the production of Ashanti and ewe kente cloth,” he said.

Female body art by Oscar korbla Mawuli

“This includes the weaving process where threads is thrown over and beneath others in a repetitive, rhythmic manner to form patterns and shapes in the overall design. This rhythmic action draws my attention to the crafty yet mythical Ghanaian folkloric character: Kweku Anansi.

Kweku Anansi is an Akan name given to the spider,and due the spiders similar work process I derived my body of arts I call Anansinisim.

I carefully fuse visual networking designs with historical Ghanaian adinkra symbology to create personal traditional designs on the body to re-eco the knowledge and wisdom of our ancestors which are gradually losing their values to contemporary audiencecs,” he added.

Group body art by Oscar korbla Mawuli

“My works project decolonized practices in contemporary culture and also advocates for women empowerment.

And the art market is currently growing tremendously in Ghana. Which makes people appreciate my field of art.

Why is hard to keep secret ?

Currently, Ghana is the bridge between the motherland, and the diaspora, hence this is the time to showcase our aesthetics and cultures, which as a result would increase the country’s revenue.

Culture and Body art by Oscar korbla Mawuli

Anyone interested in donating or aiding Mr Oscar in his career path can contact him via his email:

Check out Oscar Korbla Mawuli Awuku’s profile on LinkedIn

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