My husband dreamt of the fatal crash but still flew, Olufade’s widow laments


My husband dreamt of the fatal crash but still flew, Olufade’s widow laments. has chanced upon an article written by one Chiemelie Ezeobi, a Nigerian writer. She claims to have read a very heart breaking tribute posted on social media by one of the wives of the pilots of the ill fated plane which crashed in Kaduna last Friday in very bad weather.

According to her, Madam Jennifer, the widow of late Flight Lieutenant Alfred Olufade, yesterday lamented that prior to the crash last Friday, her husband dreamt of it a day before it eventually happened.

Flt. Lt. Olufade was among the 11 persons that perished in the ill-fated Nigerian Air Force Beechcraft 350, which was conveying the late Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Lieutenant General Ibrahim Attahiru, his generals, and their aides to Kaduna before it crashed whilst landing.

In the said tribute to her late husband on her Instagram page, the widow who had barely enjoyed her marriage of three (3) months, said that when he informed her he was flying to Kaduna, she called repeatedly to dissuade him but he didn’t pick her calls.

She wrote:

“Letter to my Husband, my Sparkle+ Late flt It AAO. You went too soon, you had bigger dreams and all the dream scattered ah ah ah my inseparable, they’ve scattered us.

Oh sparkle you left me so early, oh my best friend where do I start from? I am broken and pieced, my heart aches.

This wasn’t what you promised me, you said you will always be there for me. Where are you now?

Oh 20th of May you took away my rare gem. We were inseparable oh God I am scattered and incomplete.

Same 20th of May at about 4am you woke me up with fear and said “baby, baby I had a bad dream. I dreamt that I crashed on our way to Kaduna”, you said it looked real very real.

I prayed for you seriously that morning and asked you not to worry. I asked what was your mission order and who you were flying with.

You told me Flt Lt Asaniyi.

I said “don’t worry, you will go and come back”. Oh my world you did; you went to Enugu, Owerri and back to Abuja.

We did video call, we spoke at length and you were just smiling and laughing; little did I know that was your last smile and laugh I would see.

And the next message I received was you were going to Kaduna; my heart shattered, I smelled danger. I quickly messaged you, saying “Wow seriously?”.

I started calling you; but you didn’t pick. I called and called; my Sparkle didn’t pick. Why didn’t you pick up, why?

I wanted to beg you not to go. My heart panicked.

You told me you were coming home to eat pounded yam and egusi. I waited for you.

How do I imagine myself eating without you? Is that even possible?

These three (3) months have been heaven to me. We eat together in the same plate, we prayed together, we laughed together, and cried together.

I never imagined loosing you or typing R.I.P. This wasn’t the plan you had for me.

We promised to tour the world together, you said you will always be by my side.

It’s still like a dream that I can’t see you. I know you are coming back to me. All I see are condolence messages, how do I stand them?

Reading them pierces my heart the more.

Our Zain, Zion and Zoe didn’t come, ah AAO you left me too soon my all in all.

Ah! Boy it’s too much for me to take, our bond was super strong.

I feel like a failure that I couldn’t stop you; could stop Asaniyi, oh my God, oh my God you saw this.

Emmanuel, Emmanuel, it’s only you that can comfort me and your mum and dad and everyone.

It’s only you.

My Ayodeji, my double joy, I don’t think my joy can ever be complete without you; my Sparkle that lights up my life.

My hyperactive, super jovial husband, always active.

I saw them lay you to rest and all I could say was GOD.

Also read: Nigeria’s Chief of Army Staff, others laid to rest. 

My God never sleeps nor slumber, but at this point I don’t know what to think again o my God.

I wish you are here now. Oh oh oh oh my heart sings, oh oh oh oh my heart sings oh oh oh… I am pained, my whole wide world is crumbled… where do I pick my pieces from God?

I don’t even know what to think. I can’t sleep, can’t eat, I can’t think straight, only you God …”

Note: This article is claimed to have originally appeared in “This Day”.

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