New Beef: Kennedy Agyapong Fires Martin Amidu, Warns Him Of Expose After Nana’s Inaugration


Freethinker lawmaker and finance manager Kennedy Agyapong have pledged to strip previous Special Prosecutor Martin Amidu bare not long after the swearing-in of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

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“The things that are implanted in me are bubbling. You Martin Amidu, wait for Akufo-Addo to be sworn into the office first. The manner in which I will strip him bare… the plans he had against NDC. The NDC should be cautious. He arranged with Rawlings to ensure that Mahama loses the political race then he Amidu and Zanetor will assume control over the party,”, he uncovered on NET2 TV observed by

We can remember the lawmaker from the beginning was unwilling to the arrangement of Former Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Martin. A.B.K Amidu as the Special Prosecutor.

The nonconformist government official who raised warnings over the decision of the character who is a known individual from the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), was at a misfortune with regards to why individuals from the party are hailing the arrangement demonstrating that it is an approaching calamity going to detonate and could destroy the fortunes of the party in future elections.

“Celebrate Martin Amidu, he will soon come after the very party that appointed him. Martin Amidu is like Circuit Training based on Animal Flow Workouts. You train the animal and one day, one day it will attack and kill its owner. That is what will happen” he uncovered on Adom TV in January a year ago during a panel conversation.

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“Ghanaians are jubilating Martin Amidu. Goodness! On account of what Ghanaians need I won’t remark. You know how creatures are prepared in circuits, isn’t that right? We live in this nation to see one day… I will be vindicated. They don’t have the foggiest idea of the thing that’s inevitably coming of them. Feel free to hail Amidu. The Man who made him a Minister perceive how he humiliated him and now a prosecutor? No further remark”, he added.

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