New Generation Family(NGF) holds holiday Food bazaar and games


With Monday, March 8 being a public holiday. Beaches, clubs and pubs are said to be one of the places that are always crowded but the youth and aged of New Generation Family Church decided to hold a food bazaar and games at the church premises.



The Head Pastor, Prophet Solomon Mensah and Elders of the Church graced the occasion with their presence.


The youth in and around the neighbourhood all partook in this event to make it a memorable one.


In an interview with the head Pastor he said

” This program was organized to prevent the youth and aged in and outside the church from going to the beaches,pubs and clubs. Why go there when you can come to the house of God to have fun. We are winning souls for Christ, so we do things the godly way to bring the lost to Christ



 The members were divided into two groups namely Love and Peace, the games were in the form of Ampe ,Pick and Act  Ludo, Dame and eating competition.

March 8 declared Statutory Public Holiday.

All the COVID-19 protocols were fully observed during the program, nose marks were provided and veronica bucket with soap was situated at the entrance of the church.

If you have any problem and wants somewhere to worship and pray, our doors are always open from Sunday to Monday to the general public, you could also reach us on 0549235323 or 0560080945 and we will gladly pray with you.” The Head Pastor added.



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