Nigerian Armed Force Chiefs removed from office.


President Muhamadu Buhari of Nigeria has fired the country’s Chief of Armed   Forces. There was no obvious explanation from the Authorities or reason behind his decision for the removal of his own appointees when he became president in 2015.

According to the report, the army, navy, the airforce, and the Chief of Defence Staff were not spared in his quick decision to change.

State Holds Vigil in honour of late Jerry John Rawlings.

The underperformance of these heads has led to widespread insecurity and rampant kidnapping. Buhari’s promised in his manifesto to put an end to terrorism in Nigeria when he is voted.

He promised to put a permanent stop to Boko Haram insurgency and as a former army general he is able to detect who is fueling the problems.

Nigerians are suffering from the hands of Islamic militants and other groups of terrorists which prooves incompetency among these dismissed heads.  The President also quickly tweeted their replacements to confirm their dismissal.

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