ODD: 40 Year Old Man Arrested For Stealing Bra’s And Underwears


A 40-year-old man identified as Mathew has been arrested by the Delta police for allegedly stealing the underwear and bra of his boss Mr. victor Odiochi and his wife who owns the stop-over hotel.

Sources from the police say the suspect was arrested when he came to the hotel premises in clutches on Monday at around 9:30 pm

Ogwashi-Uku town is where the suspect is believed to be from and was in Asaba for medical treatment at the Federal Medical Centre. Mr. Victor said he had to give him the ground floor because of the suspects condition.

“The proprietor got up at about 3:00 am to collect his phones in the sitting room, and observed that the two phones had been switched off which prompted him to go to the flower vase, where he usually keeps his car key, only to discover that the key was not there.

Mr. Victor and his wife entered the suspect’s room and on an inquiry about the whereabouts of his missing car key, the suspect gave it to them claiming he found them on the ground.

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Odiachi added that his wife tried to pull off the mattress cover and the suspect tried resisting until he shouted at him.

To their surprise upon removing the mattress covering the found he and his wife’s pants and underwear together with the gate key wrapped in a bag.

The suspect on discovering that his secret has been leaked, tried to bribe Mr. Victor and his wife with N10,000 for their silence.

We don’t know what the suspect intended to do with our underwear but we placed a call to the police control room at 4:00 am and the suspect was picked up by a team to the Division A police station, Mr. victor added.

The Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Onome Onovughagbogaye, did not pick calls put across to her when contacted for comments on the issue.

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  1. How on earth can you do this? People are stealing precious items and the only thing you could steal was bra and underwear. Eibei!


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