ODD: Woman Angrily Blast Her Vagina With Huge Stone


A woman seen a viral video blasting her vagina with a huge stone has got the whole world asking and opening their mouths in surprise.

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Truly our team here at newstodaygh.com was not left out, it was there we said our cherished readers must not be left out or this odd/strange incident.

In the viral video, it is unclear whether the said fat lady is possessed or has been paid to subject such a delicate part of her body to such barbaric torment.

But the lady continued to pound the small hole in between her tighs with a huge rock continuously without end, changing the position of the stone every time to hit the target.

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Indeed the world is bizarre and people can do odd things either by being possessed or for money.

After she had completed her mesmerizing act she could be seen getting up and walking away.

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