Open letter to Cecilia


Our paths crossed each other amidst very strange circumstances, despite it all we became the best of friends, confiding, suporting and caring for each other. Our relationship grew from friendship to love.

The most beautiful love story ever, I believe, my pen, one day will have the honour to scribble. The lows and the highs are all intertwined in our story. You bring me joy and anger, laughter and tears, love and hate and these are the beauty our love holds. I will love to leave it here hoping I get to share our full story with the rest of the world some day soon, but until then this poem is for you:
“Love, my dear, love not.
Bitter sweet nostalgia; the lot
Head raised and heart crumbling.
The outer peace, the inner rumbling.
Let’s cease, let’s start all over
Lets clean the tears, paving way for another.

Happy thoughts, sad moments:
Wondering where bliss is found in torments.

Letters to Roses 3

Bite your lips, savour the sweetness
Love may soon grow ruthless.
Yet a smile where once was all frowning…
A frown where once joy was crowning.
Shall we stay together, shall we part?
Emotions ridicule the heart.
I love you, nay, I love you more
Though actions do not tell what they showed before.
Yet joy in midst of turbulence
Is more blissful than misery in opulence.
Your faith, your love, your hope
Your doubts, hate and fears can’t cope.
Love, my dear, love not.
A neonate rocking in a cot,
An infant’s tears, diaper change
Occurrences hitherto strange
Now you cry, now you sing;
A baby before the ring?
Never! Love, my dear, love not
Your heart has lost the battle fought
You could have forgone.
Yet fear, lest your fecundity gone.

Lessons in hibernation, religion at stop.
Weren’t you supposed to be at the top?
Remnants of studies, memories of classes;
They haunt for their treasure passes.
Wish you were there,
But then you are here.
Please love, my dear, love not.

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