People in Agortor,Huapase,Langmerdor and other surrounding villages in the Dangme west district of Greater Accra region cry for better mobile network


How would your happiness be if you put your mobile phone anywhere and receive calls and also make calls?

I believe your guess is as good as mine.
The excitement would be high as we mostly witness in Accra and other cities of the country.

But same cannot be said about the people in Agortor, Huapase, Langmerdor, and other surrounding villages.

People in those communities always struggle to make calls or even receive calls which is affecting their lives since people’s phones now a necessity and one of the ways of communication in this modern era.

According to the people who spoke to this reporter, sometimes, they have to walk to different locations in the communities in search of the network.

One other person who spoke to me said, what most them do is to place the phones on the walls of their building where there are networks, and if someone calls, they run to where the phone is to receive the calls.

People in such communities are mostly farmers and they told this reporter that, the phone helps them a lot but the network is their major challenge in the area.

They said the major network they use is MTN so they are calling on the telecommunication company to fix the problem for them.
A few of them also said they are now using Vodafone because it is a bit better than MTN.

Some opinion leaders in those areas are also calling on communication ministers to force those telcos to improve their coverage in those areas.

By Daniel Ago

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