Plane Crash in Brazil: Four(4) players killed on board.


2021 has started its own thing. When Corona Virus is busy ravaging the world, and we are not done with it, now plane crush. What a terrible loss.

Four Brazilian fourth Division players have been killed in a plane crash that claimed the lives of all the passengers on board.

Over the years, Brazil football clubs have experienced a considerable number of plane crashes. Brazilian clubs such as the Chapecoease, Emiliano have had a plane crash that claimed lives, and now Palmas FC.

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The victims were identified as Lucas Meira the club’s President, Lucas Praxedes, Guilherme Noe, Ranuela, and Marcus including the pilot.

The Flight Radar 24 met their untimely crash when they were on a flight to play a match against Vila Nova in the Central of Brazil. Palma FC was founded in 1997 and plays in the Brazilian Fourth Division side.

The families of the victims are deeply consolidated.

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