POEM: And Mum breathed her last by Yushau Olaitan

POEM: And Mum breathed her last by Yushau Olaitan


For mum, I have zillions of unfulfilled dreams
Mum went through aches because of me
Countless days she left uneaten to satisfy my belly
Because of me, she had countless sleepless nights

Her planted seeds hasn’t germinated
She hasn’t ripe the fruits she laboured for
Before she went to an unreturned journey
For mom, I have zillions of unfulfilled promises

On a bed of professional doctor she laid
With water of survival plugged everywhere
In my present mum was suffering for death
Alas! I could do nothing to save her life

My secret has exposed to the whole world
Who will wear me the gown of protection?
Who will care for me when I’m in cold or heat?
For who will do like you in the whole cosmos?

My world is full of sadness without you
You’re the light that ignite my nights
For if only my flowing tears can wakes you up
I would rather let my tears flowing like River Niger

©®Yushau Abdulwasiu Olaitan

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