Popular Instagram Iphone Scammer Arrested

Vincent Tawiah Iphone Scammer
Vincent Tawiah Iphone Scammer

Popular Instagram iphone Scammer has been arrested by the Ghana Police Service.

The Instagram Scammer has been very successful with his work for a long time now.

The news was made known on the Ghana Police Service Facebook Page.

Ghana Police revealed how he managed to be succesful with his craft.

Vincent Tawiah is the 22-year-old fraudster who was arrested at the Accra Mall for defrauding unsuspecting persons who might think they are buying iphones fromd him.

He was arrested on 10th May 2021 by officers of the National Police Operations Department.

Suspect’s modus is to advertise the iphones on Instagram and other social media platforms for prices ranging from One Thousand One Hundred Ghana Cedis (GHI,100.00) to Five Thousand Ghana Cedis (GH5,000.00), less than themarket prices of iphones. When contacted by interested persons, he would ask them to send mobile money to the mobile phone account number 0551978205 registered in the name of Rhydale Addae.

Police used one of his victims as a bait to arrest him.Other victims have since come forward to identify Vincent Tawiah as having defrauded them.

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