Population Census: The Regional Breakdown Of The Entire Country’s Population

Population Census: The Regional Breakdown Of The Entire Country’s Population

Population Census: The Regional Breakdown Of The Entire Country’s Population

The Population and Housing Census recently conducted by the GSS has many significant uses.

It presents government the total number of persons and housing types and their characteristics in every Ghanaian town or village or a given small area.

This information therefore helps the Central and Local Governments in planning various educational, health, housing, and other social services for the betterment of the populace.

Since the last census in 2010, many changes have occurred within the period in the structure of the population.

In this regard, there was a need for another census to be conducted to update the socio-demographic and economic data in the country and ascertain changes that have occurred in the population structure since 2010.

With a total de facto population in Ghana now at 30,792,608 people, made up of 15,610,149 females and 15,182,459 males according to the Ghana Statistical Service (GSS), find below the regional breakdown of the entire country’s population.

The map of Ghana


Ahafo. 564,536 people

Savannah. 649,627 people.

North East. 658,903 people.

Oti. 747,227 people.

Western North. 880,855 people.

Upper West. 904,695 people.

Bono East. 1,203,306 people.

Bono. 1,208,965 people.

Upper East. 1,301,221 people.

Volta. 1,649,523 people.

Western. 2,057,225 people.

Northern. 2,310,943 people.

Central. 2,859,821 people.

Eastern. 2,917,039 people.

Ashanti. 5,432,485 people.

Greater Accra. 5,446,237 people.

From the above information, the Greater Accra Region has topped the list as the most populated region in Ghana, followed by the Ashanti Region, which used to be the region with the highest population as at the last Population Census.

The Ahafo and Savannah Regions ended up as the regions with the least population.

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