Pressure: Gnaps Speaks On Prolonged School Lock Down

Pressure: Gnaps Speaks On Prolonged School Lock Down

Upper West Regional Secretary of Ghana National Association of Private Schools (GNAPS), Alhaji Dasaana N. S. Adamu, says the long school lockdown because of the COVID-19 episode has represented a genuine danger to the nation’s teaching and learning area.

He said the closure of schools could have a serious reckoning for the younger students, communities, and the nation everywhere and crash the advancement made in the area.

Alhaji Adamu said this in an introduction at a launching program for a “School year kickoff” taskforce for the Wa West District at Wechaiu on Tuesday.

The 30 part taskforce was comprised of agents from GES, Department of Social Welfare, GNAPS, Civil Society Organizations, Traditional Authority, and the Clergy, among others.

The task force was to sharpen communities and pre-college youngsters on the requirement for them to re-visit school when school continued.

It likewise featured the requirement for school young ladies who got pregnant to re-visit school after conveyance.

The move shaped piece of a “School year kickoff Advocacy Campaign” being advocated by the Girls’ Education Unit of the Ghana Education Service (GES) with help from UNICEF.

The preparation was additionally to disperse the “Rules for Prevention of Pregnancy among School Girls and Facilitation of Re-section into School after Childbirth”.

Alhaji Adamu noticed that the COVID-19 pandemic had expanded the incongruities in admittance to training as some younger students didn’t have the gadgets to get to computerized learning while others couldn’t manage the cost of books or private educators while at home.

As indicated by him, the pandemic had additionally diminished admittance to fundamental administrations by the younger students, for example, nutritious suppers, just as the expanded pace of adolescent pregnancy among school young ladies.

He said families enduring neediness, ailment, strife, disregard, and maltreatment among others influenced the psychosocial prosperity of the kid.

“All kids require psychosocial uphold for their mental and enthusiastic prosperity just as their physical and mental turn of events,” Alhaji Adamu said.

Along these lines, he encouraged instructors and school specialists to help such youngsters to remain in school through tunes, shows, and accounts of interest.

He likewise importuned them to “give the youngsters solid, legitimate and age-suitable data on COVID-19”.

Mr. Cosmos Nanyaa, a Representative from the Guidance and Counseling Unit of GES, Upper West Region, likewise said the COVID-19 pandemic had unfavorably influenced the psychosocial prosperity of younger students and could influence their scholarly exhibition.

The pandemic could likewise prompt all types of brutality including Sexual and Gender-Based Violence, abusive behavior at home, and whipping, he stated, with kids being the most influenced.

He expressed that GES tried to address the psychosocial effect of COVID-19 on educators and younger students.

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