Pressure mounts on government from angry Ghanaians to fix the economy


Pressure mounts on government from angry Ghanaians to fix the economy.

The Nana Akufo-Addo led government as at yesterday has had pressure mounted by angry youth to fix the economy with an agenda #FixTheCountry on all social media platforms, most especially Twitter.

The organisers used this medium to expressed their dissatisfaction, anger and disappointment at the ruling NPP government following promises made by President Akufo-Addo to make Ghana a better place to live in.

The hardships in recent times under the Akufo-Addo led government is however surprising to many Ghanaians following how he Akufo-Addo used to criticize former President John Dramani Mahama during his term in office.

Corruption under the Mahama government was so bad then and as if to add insult to injury, dumsor also crept into the already precarious situation to make the NDC very unpopular in 2016.

President Akufo-Addo stood on this very case to criticize the NDC and promised a better Ghana as well as fight corruption to the very root which had become very endemic in our society.

The Akufo-Addo led party rode on the back of this mantra and gained the support of the suffering masses who in turn voted massively and overwhelmingly for the NPP to win victory in the 2016 general elections. They were seen as the saviour to resurrect the ailing economy back to its glory.

But 4 years down the line and with the beginning of another 4 year term in the offing, things don’t look that glamorous as the people expected.

Indeed as things stand now, corruption under the NPP led government has become very alarming regardless of his promise to fight it at all cost. It has grown into a malignant cancer which is proving very difficult to remove despite the many interventions put in place to save the economy.

And to add insult to injury, the economy is also experiencing some dumsor crisis every now and then. This is the very situation that prevailed in the second term of the NDC government from 2013 until 2016 which eventually led to John Mahama being booted out of office.

Another serious delimar the country now faces is that of excessive borrowing from the international financial markets. Ghana has now borrowed under this current government much more than any previous government since independence.

Akufo-Addo’s government needs vaccine to curb corruption

But despite all these excessive borrowing, the economy is still struggling to find it’s feet and the people are facing dire hardships coupled with the COVID-19 pandemic situation.

New taxes have also been imposed which took effect on May 1, 2021, in addition to the already existing taxes, some of which have been increased already.

Prices of goods and services, including fuel have also increased over the last few months. This situation has further aggravated the plight of the already struggling Ghanaian.

These and other issues adversely affecting the economy has currently led to the “#FixTheCountry” agenda being spearheaded on social media platforms to put pressure on the back of government to wake up from its slumber and fix things back to normalcy.

As part of the frustration Ghanaians are facing, some of them have taken to their social media handles to disclose their meagre monthly salaries to show the world about how bad earnings currently are in Ghana today despite government’s efforts to fix the economy.

According to a section of Ghanaians who posted on social media, some claimed to collect as low as GHc126.00 per month!

The said amount is soo pathetic that one even wonders how a family of 4 or even 2 can survive on such meagre earnings per month in the midst of increasing prices everywhere.

Another social media commentator lamented on how his foreign Chinese boss treated his Ghanaian employees even in their own country Ghana.

But because there are no jobs currently and readily available, he and many Ghanaians facing the same plight have no choice but to keep quiet and endure the hardship just to survive.

As a result of the recent increased fuel prices, levies and taxes, sooner than later, the ripple affects will touch down heavily on every facet of our livelihoods from rent, food, water, electricity, phone calls, clothing, school fees, transport, medicare, and everything that has to do with taking something out of that meagre monthly salary.


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