Prison Teaches Ex Convict A Lesson About Women


For some men, after getting success throughout everyday life, they will in general disregard the ladies in their lives they worked with to arrive at their present status.

Their monies and abundance presently control their moves at the burden of their family and nobody is by all accounts ready to encourage them on what to do.

Such is the tale of Ohene Kofi Agyekum, a man who appears to have taken in his exercises in life after he was indicted.

Agyekum who addressed Crime Check TV observed by said while at home, he never regarded the significance of his spouse who works as a nurse since he had cash.

He said he never spent on his better half but instead, he spent on ladies, liquor, and companions who never encouraged him to make the best choice.

Nonetheless, he wound up in prison when he put the cash into an undertaking with another companion which included vehicle deals yet it slumped

After his conviction, he noticed that despite the fact that he treated his spouse unreasonably while he was a liberated individual, his better half didn’t take care of him with a similar coin since she relinquished her time and energy to guarantee that he was alright.

“At the point when I got the issue, I was unable to tell my better half since I was modest about it and the way that I never regarded and treated her privilege was something else. Be that as it may, my wife gave me all the help. She visited me and we talked on the telephone frequently. I needed to disclose to her not to come here on the grounds that she can utilize that cash to deal with our four kids,” he revealed to Crime Check Television in a meeting observed by

He approached all men to regard their ladies since they are their spines and without them, men aren’t anything.

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