PUT RACISM IN THE RIGHT PLACE! – Racism: My Personal Experience.


You won’ believe this! My younger brother and I had one of the biggest surprises of our lives while traveling back from the US to Ghana in the summer of 2013.

We happened to be sitting next to a white woman on board a Titan Airways flight from Washington Dulles to London Heathrow. This woman visibly frowned at us as we entered the plane and greeted with smiles on our faces. At that moment I knew there was going to be a problem. It was a Boeing 757 plane and she was sitting at the first row of seats and by the window right in front of the main door.

Plane Crash in Brazil: Four(4) players killed on board.

No sooner had the pretty and well-mannered air stewardess ushered us onto our seats, than she asked to be moved to another seat up front. We heard her clearly whisper into the ear of the stewardess asking to be moved to another vacant seat at the front of the plane.

The stewardess, obviously stunned by her request, looked at her for a moment in disbelief and declined telling her she couldn’t do that because the plane was yet to take off and that it needed to be balanced or something of that sort.

The woman probably feeling ashamed and angry about the refusal of her request was forced to stay put. She did this with a frown on her face and looked towards the window throughout the preflight checks until we finally took off.

As soon as we were airborne the woman quickly got up and left without any permission from the stewardess at all. She just picked up her bags and walked away from us like we were the plague. The plane was just about half full so there was plenty of space for everyone.

I laughed out loudly and said to my brother “good riddance!”. I am sure she must have heard me say it, but I just didn’t care who she was. We were quite happy she had even left because now we had an empty seat between us to put our phones and stuff!

The air stewardess who was also white, later came back to apologize to us for the woman’s rude behaviour, and we even talked for a while and became friends during the 7 and hours flight. I thought of reporting the incident to the airline, but because the air stewardess was so nice to us, I rescinded my decision.

Indeed people are still racists and very prejudiced even on planes as if when there is a crash, rescuers would look out for skin colour first. Its a pity we live in a world where race and skin colour still divides us and makes some inferior to others.

For me, this silly woman simply behaved as if we breathe different kinds of air; one for blacks and another for whites. Or perhaps we also had different types of blood, one for whites and another for blacks. It was therefore very appalling of her to behave that way to us on board that flight.

I remember a story which a colleague once told me about his younger brother who lives in the UK experienced as a result of racism. This guy had applied for a job and was interviewed on phone and short listed.

But on the day of the final interview the panel surprisingly informed him that they had made a mistake in short listening him and apologised for that. He later go to know from inside sources that they dropped him because he was black!

Apparently his name sounded white… He was called Isaac Wilson. There are many stories abound of such racist behaviour perpetrated on blacks by organisations and individuals such as what happened to my colleague’s brother.

Indeed, I guess that such racist minded people have forgotten that we as humans will all die one day; we will be placed into a rectangular wooden box called a coffin, and buried under 6ft of soil in a secluded place called a cemetery. There, no one really cares because by then we won’t even matter to the world of the living!

Folks, I know many of you might have also faced racism at the workplace, in public transport, shopping mall and even in church of all places. But the world needs us all to come together to make it a better place to live in. Let us do that for the sake of generations yet to come so they don’t suffer like we did.

My advice to you after experiencing this kind of racist behaviour from a fellow human being is… TOGETHER, LET’S PUT RACISM IN THE RIGHT PLACE!

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